What kind of documentation is required for Kindergarten students?

Our forms are very simple. We ask that Kindergarteners comply with the same documentation as other grades. 

How should I format my record-keeping and lesson plans?

The detail and format should be meaningful to you. You can plan ahead or journal afterward. You can use a notebook to write down what you do each day. You can use an app or online program instead. You want to keep enough detail that you can see progress over time. M2SHA will be glad to give you links to some of the ones that I have utilized over our years of homeschooling. 

How should attendance records be formatted?

The school year must be at least 180 days.  Learning happens 365 days a year, you just have to document 180 of them. Keep track in a journal or calendar or app. Whatever works best for you. 


What should I include in my portfolio?

Save enough samples of the student's work in each subject that you can see their progress. It's also useful to have these examples to be able to show the student their own progress too. Plus, any items that are too sentimental to throw away!

What curriculum resources should I use?

M2SHA parent-teachers are able to DIY your child's education. Choose whatever materials are best for your students’ interests and learning styles. It is often a trial and error process to figure out what works best. So, try to find free or inexpensive resources when you first get started. 


What about standardized testing?

3rd Option Law does not require standardized testing. Parents are free to choose which test and if/when to test. 

What if I want to transfer back to public school later?

Schools have to take your student. But they do not have to take your grades. Be prepared to answer questions and provide documentation about your homeschooling methods, materials, and course of study so the school can determine placement for your student. If you know your student is going back to public school, standardized test scores can help verify what you recommend. 

What are other options for homeschooling available in South Carolina besides Section 59-65-47 (3rd Option)?

Option 1 is registering through your local school district. This option is free but requires that you teach 4 ½ hours per day and comply with state standardized testing at the local school. The local school board must approve your application and proposed course of study. 

Option 2 has one accountability association: South Carolina Association of Independent Homeschools (SCAIHS).   That code of law is similar to Option 3 law, but their policies are often quoted as legal requirements for us all. Be sure to read the law for yourself to understand what you are required (and not required) to do.

What if my child takes Honor Level Courses, will he/she receive credit? 

YES! If your student completes an honor level course, he/she will receive credit on their final transcript and/or report cards issued by Mountains to Sea Homeschool Accountability Association. 

How can I contact the director?

I am available from 11 am till 5 pm Monday - Friday via Phone, Text, E-mail, Facebook Messenger. I am available after 6 pm via email only. I will return all messages as soon as I possibly can. Please allow up to 24 hours for a return message. If it is an emergency, please contact me via phone. 

Who is the director of M2SHA?

Hello. My name is Rebecca Stone. I am your director. I have over 10 years of homeschool experience. We have homeschooled (Public School at Home) using K12 and Connections Academy in the past but for the past 7 years we have homeschooled under Option 3 and loved it.

I have a daughter who is set to graduate in May 2018 from Homeschool. 

A little more about my family. I am/was happily married to James (Ricky) Stone. James passed away in September 2018 from a Massive Heart Attack. We would have celebrated 15 years of being together in October 2018 and 14 years of Marriage in December 2018. We live in the beautiful town of Clinton, South Carolina. We are a retired First Responder/Fire Fighter Family. 

What records must I submit to M2SHA?

All members submit checklist form at the end of the year to verify you have completed 180 days. If you need a report card or transcript, you will submit your student's grades so we can assist you in formatting the official document

What is M2SHA's privacy policy?

Information submitted to our office is for our files only. We do not give members’ names, addresses, or phone numbers to anyone. We only report the number and grade level of our members to the local school district once a year, as required by law. When a school district calls to verify membership, they must provide us the name of the student before we will verify membership status. We do not give lists of homeschoolers’ names to local authorities.

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