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M2SHA strives to offer exceptional service to all our members. We put the freedom to homeschool primarily in your hands; the parent/guardian.

Under SC Code 59-65-47, the parents/guardians are allowed to teach their children at home under the auspices of an association of homeschools. We give you the freedom to DIY your own child's education. All we ask is in return is that you follow a few simple rules:

(1) Parents must hold at least a high school diploma or GED

(2) Your instructional year must be at least 180 days

(3) The curriculum must include: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies and in grade 9-12, Composition and Literature. 

(4) You must keep some basic records:
-- a plan book, diary indicating the subjects taught and learning activities;

-- a portfolio of samples of each student's work;

-- and a semi-annual progress report including attendance records and academic progress in each subject area.


It's just that simple. We believe that parents/guardians are the best teachers for our children. M2SHA is here for you in that process.


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