Homeschool Identification Cards are issued to each family.

Additional documents issued upon request for homeschool verification for the DMV, Dual Enrollment, and public school sports. 


M2SHA's school year runs from July 1 to June 30. Members may document their 180 days within that time.

Note: If you’re new, membership with M2SHA must be active before beginning your homeschooling.

Withdraw Notice

If your student was previously enrolled in another school, M2SHA can provide verification that your membership is active once your application is approved. Once the school has verified your enrollment with M2SHA, they can withdraw your student from their compulsory attendance records. 


Annual membership is

$30 per family

Membership is open year-round



Parent-teachers are allowed to choose their own methods and materials to DIY your child's education. You might choose Traditional Textbooks or Unschooling, Classical or Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies or Eclectic.
M2SHA can offer some suggestions for getting started.  


Mountains to Sea Homeschool Association offers a final official printed diploma for our grads for an additional fee.
Homeschool grads earn the same 24 minimum credit requirements as SC state high schools. 


M2SHA offers transcript assistance for high school and report card preparation for an additional fee. We will also assist your grads in qualifying for state scholarships offered thru the Commission on Higher Education.


Social Media

Follow our Facebook page for legislative alerts, homeschool workshops, and current event and lots more updates to keep you informed.

We also have a Members ONLY Support Page. 

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