Hi. My name is Rebecca Stone. I am the Administrator and Owner of Mountains to Sea Homeschool Association. This is a little about Our Journey with Homeschooling.

Our homeschool journey started over 10 years ago. Our daughter was taken out of public school due to asthma. She would be fine on the weekends and as soon as she entered the school, we were being called to pick up. She was put on a nebulizer as well as several inhalers. The doctors and I got together and thought is was best for her to be put on homebound status. Well, the school district said it would be 6 weeks or longer before they could schedule her with a teacher. That was unacceptable to me as her mother. So, we started looking into options. That's when we came across homeschooling. 

We started out using Connections Academy. That went good for a while until we noticed she was spending several hours on a computer. I didn't care for that aspect of it so we switched to K12 to try it out. To us, that was even worse. So, back to the drawing table we went. We researched Option 3 homeschooling and was more and more intrigued every time we looked into it. After much prayer, we decided it was the way to go for our family. 
Now today, I have a striving 17 year old who will have earned her high school diploma in May 2018. She has also started college with the goal to become an EMT/Paramedic. 

With my teaching aspect ending, we as a family decided to start Mountains to Sea Homeschool Association to help further Homeschooling in South Carolina. With the influx in homeschoolers across our wonderful state, each family needs a place to call home. And, I welcome you to chose our association as your homeschool home.

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